Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Where do they find these people?

You want to elevate your blood pressure? Then all you have to do is read the following worthless diatribe on why Catholic priests shouldn't have to be celibate.

Of course my favorite paragraph, after I summoned up the nerve (hardy har har) to read the entire article, was as follows:

For guidance on how to handle the current crisis, the Vatican need only note how the Protestant, Anglican and Jewish faiths are coping with their respective sex scandals. Oh, right, they don't have any. Those religions, though endorsing piety, do not endlessly obsess about sex, nor do they ask their clergy to take an impossible vow like celibacy. Those religions probably attract healthy-minded, sexually mature adults who enjoy physical expression and release with consensual partners who are not children. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church will continue to attract the sexually confused, stunted and ashamed to its blessedly shrinking ranks.

Has this lady been living under a rock? I mean, come on! Books have been written about this very subject, most notably Pedophiles and Priests by Dr. Philip Jenkins which blows this very argument of Ms. Lisa Gabrielle out of the water! According to Dr. Jenkins, the proportion of sexually abusive clergy amongst Protestant denominations is equal to or slightly greater (though not significantly greater) than their Catholic counterparts. Oh, and guess what... these clergy are married.

Gee Ms. Gabrielle, what would you be able to write about if you actually decided to stick to the facts. Probably something more intelligent than the piece you actually wrote.

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