Thursday, May 16, 2002

Ah, I got something... Catholic fact-oids!

Have you ever heard the following argument from an anti-Catholic?

The RCC also did much to prevent the spread of translations of the Bible written in the common language.

Well, if you have before, here is the answer, it can be found in it's entirety at the Catholic Encyclopedia.

But first a personal note: It was the Catholic Church which was the first "group" to bring the Bible into a "relevant" language (latin) [by which I mean it was appropriate for the time, since people knew and read Latin] when the majority of Christians could not read Greek or Hebrew (if they could read at all). If people look at the literacy rates of the time, they would have been extremely low. Literacy rates of basically the whole world before the institution of public education would have been poor as a matter of fact. Latin was the language of the learned. Everyone who could read, knew latin. Translating the Bible into Latin was not a way whereby the Church sought to prohibit people from reading Scripture, but rather it was a way to make the Bible more accessible.

Now, with that out of the way, let us proceed to the evidence at hand.

Italian - Catholic Bible made by Nicholas de Nardo, O.P., in 1472 (it is preserved in the National Library of Paris). In comparison, the first Protestant Bible made in Italian was published in 1562, 90 years later.

Spanish - Catholic Bible in 1478. Protestant version in 1567.

French - Catholic Bible in 1478. Protestant version in 1535.

German - Catholic Bible in 1477. Protestant version (New Testament) in 1522 by Luther. Finished by Luther (in it's entirety) in 1545.

Dutch - Catholic Bible in 1475. Protestant version in 1526.

English - St. Bede translated the Psalms and the Gospels in the 8th century (Bede died in 735). By the 14th century the English had a complete translation of the Bible.

Hrm, now what is wrong with the anti-Catholic statement and the actual evidence? In every case the Catholic Church had a vernacular bible printed at least 50 years prior. I'll let everyone come to their own conclusion... this one is a no-brainer.

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