Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Holy Trinity Sunday

This up coming Sunday is Holy Trinity Sunday. An article in the Catholic Encyclopedia can be found here, and a Cycle A Bible Study can be found here. The readings for this feast can be found here.

At Bible study this past weekend, we went over these scriptures (we go over the Scriptures a week ahead of time... it is our Scripture study session for lectors), and the conversation turned to exactly how do we come to understand the Trinity. Since the Trinity is a mystery, people may use certain comparisons to make it an easier topic for them to handle. For instance, St. Patrick used the three-leafed clover. One leaf for each person, and the three leaves together make the plant which symbolizes the single divine nature.

So we took turns expressing our opinions and thoughts on the matter. However, I tried to take it from a different approach. They say that this life is but a shadow of what is to come. Currently, we see into the mirror dimly (1 Corinthians 13:12), yet there will come a day when all will be made known. To me, the Trinity is the epitome of community. Three distinct persons, yet so united that they share a single divine nature. Each different, yet all the same. Each having certain personas, yet all a single God. Hard to grasp your mind around that one, I agree... but if there is one thing to be said is that all three Persons share a united purpose, which manifested itself in Jesus Christ, who came to redeem man... to save man from himself.

We fail daily as a community. One look no further than the current Church scandal to see the harm we inflict upon our community. One look no further than the daily paper to see the harm we inflict upon our community. One look no further than our own streets to see the harm we inflict upon our community. We are miserable at being a unified community. There is too much pride at stake, there is too much ego and greed. We live in a "Me first, you... maybe never" society. It's all take and no give.

It is time that we looked to God, something we should always do, but always seem to forget and examine the example He has shown to us. In the Trinity we have the pinnacle of community, we should imitate that. This week, let us commit ourselves to strengthening the community around us.

Love of Jesus Fill us.
Holy Spirit Guide us.
Will of the Father be done.


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