Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Plugs and Props

No, I'm not talking about plumbers or pilots. I'm talking about sites that I plug (ie: they have something I find cool and want everyone to share in my joy) and sites that I give props (ie: personal sites that I like so much I've got to give them credit for a job well done). So, you will see that on the right hand column, I have a new section entitled just that... plugs and props and you can go there to see the sites that I'm impressed with, visit and find useful for whatever reason I have mentioned in my blog entries. As usual, everything is in alphabetical order so no one feels slighted, unless your site starts with a "Z" I suppose.

Anyways, the newest entry to the "plugs and props" is none other than the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am on their recommended links page... ok, maybe it does a bit :) but after looking at their site, it's played just a minor role. The site has lots o' stuff on it. Good stuff too. Lots of links to some good, faithful, Catholic literature. So here's to Cardinal Ratzinger's Fan Club. Link to them, visit them, stop by and tell them they've done a good job!

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