Friday, May 10, 2002

See, we don't need to use aborted children

Liposuction a novel source of stem cells

It's a fact folks. Stem cell's from adults have just as many uses as stem cells from "undifferentiated tissue" (aka: an aborted life). as a matter of fact, science also seems to confirm that adult-derived stem cells have less of a potential to go off willy-nilly and form things like hair and teeth inside your brain*.

*Folkerth, R.D., Durso, R. (1996) `Survival and proliferation of nonneural tissues, with obstruction of cerebral ventricles, in a parkinsonian patient treated with fetal allografts', Neurology 46, 1219-25.

The following link is an old (but still hanging around) debate I had on this very issue. It got a bit ugly, but it does do a semi-good job of explaining the entire scenario. Perhaps I'll clean this conversation up and put it on my website.

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