Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Sorry, didn't blog at all today. Around 3pm, a guy I play softball with during the fall season asked me if I wanted to play a couple of games... starting at 6:30. Yikes! Had to finish work, scramble for home, get ready and get out to the fields which are on the other side of town... and I mean the other side. And then, they place me at the hot corner, and I haven't played third base in like... 18 to 20 years maybe (since little league). Well, first game wasn't so bad. Fielded about five grounders and caught a lazy pop-up. No errors. Went 4 for 4 too and we won 13-9 so it was a good game. Second game... not so good. Had one hit to me and I let it get under my glove (fortunately no one scored on it) and there were a couple in the hole that I may have had a chance on if I had been a bit quicker... but the worst part was going 0-3 (oh and losing 13-9 too... that bit). You NEVER go 0-3 in softball... sheesh! If you don't hit 1.000 in softball, you're a disgrace! Yah yah, I have a competitive edge... I'm trying to work on that. :)

Whelp, let me try to find something to blog about before bed...

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