Thursday, May 30, 2002

Very interesting article

Had the oppotunity to read this article today and something really jumped out at me...

Said said some of the suicide bombers, men and women, were socially isolated -- such as one bomber who suffered from epilepsy -- and were trying to gain social acceptance.

"Many of them feel powerless in all other aspects of their life but now...they can change reality, they can prove to their mothers and fathers and schoolteachers that they are worth something," he told Reuters.

This sort of reminds me of high school bullies that make people who want to be their friends do really embarrassing things. Once those people looking for acceptance do these things, they find that they are the object of ridicule rather than friendship. It is a pathetic attitude, but it obviously pervades society here and abroad. These cowards (who can't strap a bomb on themselves and hoof it over to Israel) take those who long for acceptance and say "Hey, you can be our friend... you just have to kill yourself and a few Jews while you're at it."

Yah, some friends alright.

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