Saturday, May 25, 2002

Well, surprise surprise...

Saw the following article recently.

It's entitled Anti-Catholic Views Common, Poll Shows, and for those of us who are Catholic and feel at home on the internet, especially religious message boards, we are not surprised whatsoever. Anti-Catholicism is rampant, especially amongst the ignorant and those who favor conspiracy theories over reality.

The article itself states:
The survey of 550 non-Catholic Americans, conducted in March, found that 73 percent believed that Catholics "do what the pope and the bishops tell them to do," with 52 percent saying that Catholics "really are not permitted to think for themselves."

Which I find highly ironic, especially if one looks at the voting record of Catholic politicians. Daschle, one of the more prominent Catholic's in D.C. is a Democrat and is pro-choice. Last time I checked, the Pope spoke out against abortion, and it is condemned by the Catholic Church and has been since time began.

Obviously non-Catholics are not familiar with Catholicism in America, because it seems that in order to be Catholic in America, one seemingly must disagree with Rome on most matters, especially on matters of sexuality. I've always held that the phrase "American Catholic" is an oxymoron, and more often than not, I believe I'm right. That non-Catholics however think the reverse... that all Catholics march in lock-step with the Pope is funny, and also shows how out-of-touch with reality people can actually be.

The article also states:
Moreover, 83 percent said that instead of worshiping only God, Catholics also worship Mary and the saints, while 57 percent believed the statues and images in Catholic churches are idols.

Yah, surprise surprise. Of the 550 non-Catholics polled I bet 457 of them were Baptists.

It goes on to say:
Although he had not expected those stereotypes to disappear in the interim, Greeley said, he was "staggered" by the extent of their persistence.

To a degree, I am stunned as well. However, as I have alluded to before, anti-Catholicism runs extremely deep within the fiber of America. Catholics were the unwanted, immigrants of mostly Irish, Italian and Polish backgrounds. These people did not, and still do not, fit the W.A.S.P. criteria of being a "good American".

In this day of "political correctness" the only time it's alright to NOT be P.C. is if you're talking about an R.C.

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