Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Why do people feel the need to force-feed people agendas?

Read the following article, and I'm left scratching my head. According to Mr. Lively, who states in the article : It's a national campaign that is being pushed by homosexual activists, and that campaign is to homosexualize the public-school environment...

Excuse me? Homosexualize the public-school environment? Are you kidding me? Whatever happened to giving students facts and allowing them to come to their own conclusions?

I happen to agree with Mr. Lively when he further states: These are activists who got in positions of authority and use it to advance a selfish social agenda, and, frankly, that's evil.

Our children should be doing things like learning how to spell and read, do math, learning foreign languages (something our nation is woefully lacking in). Our children need to be adept at science and geography and mathematics, they need to be prepared for a world that is becoming technologically more advanced each day. Education at the national level already places us behind other developed nations in key categories such as science and math, yet all people seem to be concerned with is whether or not first and second graders read Heather Has Two Mommies?!?!

Give me a break!

Now, don't go labeling me a gay-basher either because I'm not. I think anyone trying to push any political agenda (and it is a political agenda) should be rebuffed. If you don't consider it a political issue, then it's a sexual issue and I still have a problem with it. As a parent, I should be able to know about, and act upon, any material that my child will be exposed to. That includes any books and material that will be used in a classroom setting. If a male teacher suddenly decides to burst forth and proclaim his love for Mr. So and So in the next classroom, I have lost my rights as a parent to see that my child is educated properly.

I don't go around flaunting my heterosexuality for the whole wide world. If people think I look or act like a homosexual, so be it... I frankly could care less. Therefore, why do certain people think that every homosexual must let the world know, and in as vocal a way as possible, that they are gay?

Alongside people who call the pope a hypocrite and those who use the Mass as a time to push an agenda, activists stick in my craw as well. The school setting is not and should not be made to be a political battleground. I'm all for tolerance but I don't think force-feeding a particular tolerance (for homosexuals) by legal mandate is the way to go about it.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Questions, comments or death threats, send them my way.

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