Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Another Plug

Got an email from Mr. David Kopel today asking me to plug MaryLinks.org, a site that describes itself as follows:

This page is an organized collection of links about the Virgin Mary. All of the linked sites have been selected for inclusion because of high quality content. Each of these links will help you see someone's understanding of or relationship with Mary. I hope this page helps you consider, create, or strengthen your own spiritual or intellectual links with Mary.

After perusing the main page and checking out a few of the links, what they claim is true. The site is thorough, the work it links to and contains is of the best quality and it will personally serve as a reference for me and my Marian apologetics work. Thank you for the heads-up Mr. Kopel, and I'm more than happy to plug this site.

Folks, if you want to know about "all things Marian", this is the site to check in with first.

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