Sunday, June 02, 2002

Does God exist in England?

Was checking out this article and was stunned about half-way down when I read:

In a move unthinkable in more God-fearing times when the queen took the throne in 1952, the Church of England gave its blessing for clergy to change service times to avoid a clash.

“Worship comes first, of course, but this [the World Cup] comes round only every four years so we can afford to be flexible,” said the Church’s soccer-loving leader, Archbishop George Carey, a fan of English league champions Arsenal.

Some clergy wrote special soccer-related hymns and prayers, while at least one hired a big screen for the vicarage lawn so parishioners did not have to choose between God and country.

Avoid a clash? Can afford to be flexible? Soccer-related hymns and prayers? A big screen television so people did not have to choose between God and country?

And people think we have it bad here? Forget about it!

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