Friday, June 14, 2002

Ok Mr. Shea, enough is enough...

... with the slamming the Jesuits. I am referring specifically to this article here.

My reply in Mr. Shea's comment section was as follows:

Ok Mark, this "It's the Jesuits!" stuff is getting real old, real quick. Cut it out.

To counter your broad-brush attack on the Jesuits, I provide you with the following: this and in it's entirety, this. How does Father Fucek, S.J.'s comments match up with your labeling of the Jesuits as "pro-homosexual agenda"?

Note: They don't match up.

Mr. Shea is quick to point out that one priest does not tarnish the image of every other priest (as it well should be). Therefore, why the individual comments of one Jesuit seemingly damns the entire order in his eyes is beyond me. Frankly, I think it is rather unfair.

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