Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Father Stan Fortuna, CFR

Had the pleasure of catching two of Fr. Stan Fortuna's concerts at World Youth Day. For those who do not know Fr. Stan, he is also known as the "Rappin' Monk of the Bronx". He preaches the Gospel undiluted, full of vigor and to the point. He calls it "Keeping It Real" and in those two sessions he most certainly kept it real. Not all of his music is rap, actually most of his stuff has a blues/jazz flavor to it, and he is a brilliant musician. He is an even better motivational speaker, and to say that he clicked with the kids at WYD would be an understatement. In short, the man is a marvelous priest. I'm hoping to bring him to the attention to the planners of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Men's Conference, it'd be awesome to have him here.

Anyways, he has a website (He'll be listed in my Plug's and Prop's section) so you should go check it out: Francesco Productions.

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