Friday, July 19, 2002

Obedience is not arbitrary...

After calling me "haughty" and saying I had no business having an opinion on the "nine year old pregnant child having an abortion" because I didn't have children, I caught said hypocrite saying the following on an thread regarding baptism:

Christianity is all about OBEDIENCE.

Note: I did not put the word "obedience" in all caps, that emphasis was hers.

It's ironic because I had just gotten done, a day prior, telling her that the Church's ruling on abortion was unequivocal. There were no extenuating circumstances, that there were no "What if?" scenarios and that if we were to be considered good Catholics, we needed to be good, obedient Catholics. I was summarily brushed off.

My exact words were as follows (after quoting the Catechism's comments on abortion):
Obedience, obedience and obedience.  For a Catholic there can simply be no other way.  The Church doesn't make these rulings to lord over us, they make these rulings because it is the Will of God and if the Church is to be a good shepherd, it must keep the flock from straying.  To think abortion is okay in certain circumstances is straying.

Now, a day later and I read the above, and I couldn't help but call her on it. So far, no response.

No, I don't expect one either.

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