Friday, August 02, 2002

Lord Have Mercy by: Father Stan Fortuna, CFR

Love is Mercy's second name,
They are one and the same.
The remedy for all our sorrow,
and our pain.

Messianic consciousness, beatific vision bliss,
grow in holiness and Godly righteousness.

Kyrie eleison
Lord have mercy (4x)
Lord have mercy (4x)
Lord have mercy (4x)
Lord have mercy (4x)

This is how we are to live,
Love like Jesus and forgive.
Love one another in the
power of His name.
Jesus didn't say "Be nice",
Jesus died to pay the price.
The Lord wants mercy,
not a selfish sacrifice.


Learn to turn the other cheek,
Yes, I know we are too weak.
The Paschal mystery is the power
we must seek.
The spirit helps us to be strong,
To forgive our neighbors wrong.
Enter paradise and sing the saving song.


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