Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Sick, just sick

Was reading up on the fact that Daniel Pearl's body, six months after he was first abducted, is being returned to the United States soon. Was doing some further reading up on the whole affair and was shocked when I found out that a website named Ogrish dot com had a copy of Mr. Pearl's execution and had it available for free download. Needless to say, Ogrish dot com will not be getting a plug from me. Nor will I be giving them any props for this sick display of immorality. The dignity of a human being extends even unto death, displaying this video can only cause pain for the family of Daniel Pearl.

At any rate, there is an online petition (I do not know how effective it is or will be) that is asking Ogrish to remove the video. One can only hope, and pray, that the owners of that website feel some tug on their conscience and remove that video.

Then again, given the stuff on that site, it's going to have to be one huge tug.

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