Thursday, September 26, 2002

An example of bad blogging...

By none other than Eve Tushnet. The link provided leads to a blog entry by Ms. Tushnet where she linked to a site she had never read, but thought "sounded like fun". In the age of the "Information Super Highway", that link, you know... the one that went unread, could have been to just about anything. It could have redirected a reader to the Klu Klux Klan, child pornography, some satanist website or who knows what else, yet post the link away she did. Very, very disappointing.

Anyways, I DID happen to know what that link was, and so I fired off Ms. Tushnet an email...

Dear Ms. Tushnet,
In your latest blog entry, you post a link to "Smack the Nominalist" and state that you have "no idea what it is". Knowing personally, two of the people who have been parodied by that site (Nimbo - a devoted Catholic, and Metacrock - a devoted Christian apologist) I can unequivocally say that I DO know what "Smack the Nominalist" is. The site is owned by Adrian Barnett, an atheist who runs the "Wasteland" message board. It is home to many atheists, most of whom are hard-core and who express extreme anti-religious sentiment.

"Smack the Nominalist" is but one form of anti-religious rhetoric employed by Mr. Barnett and his friends. They think that employing ad hominem and belittling their opponents they can achieve intellectual superiority and "wish away" the existance of the Almighty. Personally, I think you do a great disservice by freely advertising Mr. Barnett's site on your blog.

Deo iuvante,
Thomas Joseph
The Christian Conscience
Blog : http://thechristianconscience.blogspot.com
Site : http://www.geocities.com/okc_catholic

Yes, Ms. Tushnet continues to tell us she didn't read the information contained on the site... and yes, I continue to say that it is sheer stupidity to put up links to sites when one has not read the information contained therein.

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