Thursday, October 10, 2002

I'm awfully busy...

I know, I know... I should not read trash, but sometimes I cannot help myself. One thing that trash is good for though is that every so often, when it is read, it gives you good material to comment on. Take this case in point. Upon reading The Scoop I came across the following:

Jacqueline Stallone, Sly’s psychic mom, was alarmed when she heard about the Maryland sniper leaving the death tarot card. “When that card was found I thought, omigosh, this is terrible,” she told The Scoop. She believes that the shooter is “a light-haired person, in his twenties or thirties, from a good family, though he’s not that close to them.” Will they catch him soon? “Not for a while,” Jacqueline Stallone predicts. Would she consider using her psychic abilities to help catch the shooter? “I’m awfully busy lately,” she says. “But I’d consider it.”

Now, I think "psychic powers" is a whole lot of hooey. I don't buy into it one bit. It is, simply put, a bunch of crap. Faker than fake, as it were. But that last comment, underlined stressed by me, is sort of... well, stupid if you ask me.

"I'm awfully busy," states Ms. Stallone, "too busy to help catch a mass murderer."

Gee, thanks for your concern for mankind Ms. Stallone.

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