Friday, February 07, 2003

1 Corinthians 13

I spend some of my time at a place called the Rapture Ready Message Board (I should spend less time there, I admit). In my humble opinion, it's not a very nice place. In the "Apologetics Forum", Catholics are not well received (to put it mildly). Most everyone there is convinced that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, that from her will rise the Prophet that proclaims the anti-Christ. Yep, your standard anti-Catholic fan-fare that most of us have seen/heard/witnessed before. However, there are a select few there that even go over and above this... the following is an example of such (NOTE: Curtis, the man referred to in this excerpt is Catholic).

Curtis is the prime example of why Christians will be killed during the Great Trib! They already believe we are hellbound heretics(like we thought they believed otherwise, ). It will only take a push to have them start killing Christians for worshipping Jesus and not the RCC "Mary" and what nots. The deception will be tragic to those who are lost in earthly kingdoms, whose focus is stuff and not Jesus. Horribly sad and tragic.

It will only take a push to have them start killing...

That is taking things a bit too far, even for the worst of message boards. Ettiquette? What ettiquette? That post shows no modicum of self-restraint, no common sense, and is just plain old fashioned paranoia. To people like this, Catholics are but one step away from killing everyone who doesn't adhere to ideas that mirror those of the Catholic.

How can one dispel such mistrust? Such hatred?

I'm afraid it might be impossible.

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