Thursday, February 27, 2003

That was a short stay...

Those who frequent the many parishes of St. Blog's know Fr. Rob Johansen, one of St. Blog's pastors, who runs/ran the Thrown Back blog. They also know that several months ago, Fr. Johansen was asked to take a respite from blogging for six months by his bishop. Well, recently Fr. Johansen returned from his sabbatical and began blogging again. However, all that ended on Feb 21, 2003 when his bishop asked him once again to stop blogging.

At least a couple of parishoners of St. Blogs have commented on this but I also wanted to add my two cents. Not being prone to writing emails to people in protest, I did feel moved to write a letter to Fr. Johansen's bishop... here was my letter:

Right Reverend Sir,

It is with much dismay that I recently noticed that Fr. Rob Johansen has once again stopped blogging per your request. I know that Fr. Johansen will faithfully comply with your wishes but I must admit that this leaves those of us who look to priestly guide on the internet at a disadvantage. On May 12, 2002, the Pope proclaimed that the Internet would provide a new platform for the presentation of the Gospel, and I would think that there would be more priests willing to spend time and energy leading the Catholic faithful who maintain a presence there. I know from past experience, that the writings of Fr. Johansen have proven beneficial for this Catholic and I can only assume from the shock waves that Fr. Johansens second departure has created, that others feel the same way. Therefore I beseech you to reconsider your request of Fr. Johansen and allow him to resume his blogging activity. Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Deo iuvante,
Thomas Joseph

I don't expect it to make any difference in the matter, but this vascillating by Fr. Johansen's bishop would certainly tick me off if I were in the good Padre's position. I guess that is why I'm not a priest. :)

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