Wednesday, February 26, 2003

You heard it here first... (maybe)

Received the following in an email yesterday. Visited the site and it looked good. Let me (and them) know what you think...

Hey Everybody,

I want to tell you about the launch of a new web site for the movie THERESE, produced by Luke Films and scheduled for theatrical release October 2003. Please visit the site and support this beautiful family film on the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. There are all kinds of things to do and see on the site. You can learn about the people who made the film, learn more about St. Therese and join the discussion group, plus there's a contest where you can win a free trip to the movie premiere. The more of you who visit the site the greater the impact the film will have and it'll show the theater owners and the distributors what kind of films you want to see. Make sure you post a message on the discussion board to show your support. Here's your chance to make a difference in the entertainment industry. Check it out, www.theresemovie.com.

Mike Masny
Luke Films
(800) 683-2998

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