Monday, March 03, 2003

Lent is fast approaching...

Fasting on Fridays (and Ash Wednesday) is rather simple. With that said however, it is often forgotten or overlooked. In my opinion, the fast is as much a sacrifice as it is a reminder of just how lucky we are. On a day of fasting, we are called to have two small meals (smaller portions than usual) and then one regular sized meal (like you'd usually have). In between these meals you should refrain from snacks or goodies (no candy, soda, etc). You should try to drink water only in between meals. As far as the meals go, use your judgement. On days of fasting they should not contain meat (this covers pork and poultry) but you may have fish. These days are not about extravagance so having a two small meals and then splurging on a huge tuna steak at night is sort of self-defeating. Be frugal. It's but one day of the week.

Perhaps an example might help illustrate a typical day of fasting:

Breakfast - An english muffin.
Lunch - tuna fish sandwich.
Dinner - fish sticks and french fries.

If you get overly hungry in between those meals, drink plenty of water, it'll help keep you full.

Not a whole lot of fanfare right? Plus, if you keep track of how much money you saved by eating light on friday, when you go to the Stations of the Cross for that week, drop that money into the alms box and then go and pray for those people.

Remember, it is as much about contemplation and thanksgiving (trust me, after you've fasted you'll be thankful of what you regularly take for granted) as it is about sacrifice.

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