Sunday, May 18, 2003

Viva Il Papa!

Pope John Paul II celebrates 83rd Birthday

No Apostolic Succession here...

Anglican Church places "Help Wanted" ad for Bishop. Well, if you ask me, the deal was done with the women priests, but this is just the icing on the cake. The Church of England benefits from Apostolic Succession about as much as a dead man benefits from aspirin.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

A Jewish Boy, Mathematics and a Catholic School

A ten-year-old Jewish boy was failing math. His parents tried everything from tutors to hypnosis; but to no avail. Finally, at the insistence of a family friend, they decided to enroll their son in a private Catholic school.

After the first day, the boy's parents were surprised when he walked in after school with a stern, focused and very determined expression on his face.

He went straight past them, right to his room and quietly closed the door. For nearly two hours he toiled away in his room with math, books strewn about his desk and the surrounding floor. He emerged long enough to eat, and after quickly cleaning his plate, went straight back to his room, closed the door and worked feverishly at his studies until bedtime.

This pattern of behavior continued until it was time for the first quarter's report card. The boy walked in with it unopened, laid it on the dinner table and went straight to his room.

Cautiously, his mother opened it and, to her amazement, she saw a large red 'A' under the subject of Math. Overjoyed, she and her husband rushed into their son's room, thrilled at his remarkable progress.

"Was it the nuns that did it?" the father asked.

The boy shook his head and said "No."

"Was it the one-to-one tutoring? The peer-mentoring?"


"The textbooks? The teachers? The curriculum?"

"No", said the son. "On that first day, when I walked in the front door and saw that guy nailed to the plus sign, I KNEW they were serious!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Mark 9:40 - For he that is not against us is for us.

So, why did I open with this verse? It pertains to a discussion I've had on a couple of message boards within the past week or so. The discussion revolved on whether or not Catholics should target non-Catholic Christians for evangelization purposes. Now, those who live in blogdom, and especially those who attend St. Blog's Parish, probably have heard of Christians Evangelizing Catholics, a organization based in a Baptist parish near the Kentucky/Indiana border. Then there is Proclaiming the Gospel, another site and ministry run by an ex-Catholic, specifically targetting Catholics.

Why? Because according to these two groups, Catholicism is anti-Biblical, the Whore of Babylon, and will lead many, many deluded Catholics to hell. Therefore, any and all mis-guided Catholics need their help, they need to be evangelized and brought to Christ.

Umm... whatever.

So, along comes a thread on a message board I frequent which asked if Catholics should do something similar. You know, like a Catholics Evangelizing Baptists, or something to that extent. I disagreed and had said that I hope that the Bishop in that particular (arch)diocese would discourage it. Why did I say that? Because I feel that non-Catholic Christians, while not Catholic, are still Christian and do not need to be brought to Christ. Should we not be better suited targetting our evangelism to those who have not heard of the Gospel? Heck, shouldn't we try to do a better job "in-house" and undo the years and years of poor catechesis? Would we not be better served by reaching out to those Catholics who do not practice their faith and who have otherwise left?

I think that targetting other Christians would be a Bad Thing (tm). I think it would turn off non-Catholics who are thinking about Catholicism. I cannot envision a group entitled Catholics Evangelizing Methodists making many in-roads with potential Catholic converts within the Methodist Church and I think it would be even less productive in reaching out to atheists, Buddhists and other non-Christians. I mean, what Buddhist would go to a C.E.M. meeting? Because, afterall, Buddhists aren't Methodists for crying out loud!

No... I think we're best served by not targetting our evangelization. Let them all come.

Oooooooo... good site!

And so aptly named too, targetted at abortionists...

I introduce Poor-Choice dot Org.

I'm naming them my latest Plug and Prop.

Pope John XXIII - True Story?

Received the following in an e-mail from my parishes deacon. I wonder if it's really true...

As you know Pope John XXIII was from very humble peasant stock and only succeeded to the Papal throne as the Cardinals thought, at his advanced age, he would be a good caretaker Pope until someone more suitable could be found. But Pope John was quite a clever fellow and had a tremendous sense of humour.
Shortly after being elected he was asked to sit for a portrait by an artist who, by all accounts, was not very good. His portraits of others bore little, if any resemblance, to their subjects.
Pope John agreed to sit and eventually the portrait was finished. A grand unveiling at a Vatican Reception was arranged. The whole Papal Court was in attendance: Cardinals, Bishops, Monsignori, etc. etc., as well as all the Ambassadors then accredited to the Vatican.
When all the guests were assembled Pope John made his entry. This was unusual because his predecessors had all been carried in on the Papal 'sedilia.' But Pope John came in on his own two feet - actually walking. A Pope walking, everybody thought, was absurd!
The new portrait, suitably covered, stood in the corner of the room on a dais, so that everybody could see. The artist, as is the custom, stood next to his finished painting nervously twitching. Pope John was eventually invited to come forward to officially unveil his portrait. This he did! It was dreadful, and everybody who took a closer look agreed. But what intrigued them all was that the Pope had, himself, asked to add something to the portrait.
Was it his signature?
On closer scrutiny they found that he had added the following:
"John 6:20"

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Long-winded pastor not included...


The link is to the story of a woman who survived her mother's attempts at aborting her.

The faith of this woman is simply amazing. A true testament to the power of faith in God.

Monday, May 12, 2003

I'd like a vacuum packed human liver, to go please...

You thought the people who joined P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were crazy before. Just get a load of the latest story to come out of there. According to Reuters, their fearless leader, Ingrid Newkirk wants her skin to be turned into leather products when she dies. She also wants her liver to be displayed in France. The most touching part of the story is when she said she wants part of her heart to be buried by a Formula One race track in Germany. Awww, how touching.

I just don't get this...

Personally, I think the following story is a story of absolute selfishness. Yes, the girl is disabled, but I don't think that gives her the right to go to the extent that she has. Two million dollars in punitive damages? Are you kidding me? Giving the valedictorian award to three kids from the same school does absolutely nothing to her college chances.

The story says she plans on being a lawyer. Yah, surprise, surprise. This spoiled brat is well on her way.

First they try to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from public schools...

Now in California they're trying to oreo cookies. What is this world coming to!

Stop the madness!

Thursday, May 08, 2003


Mr. Jack Chick!

Read this article quickly folks, as I'm not sure how long this link will be viable.

The experience of reading a Chick tract can seem disarmingly familiar. In many ways the stories adhere to the standard rules and visual language of comic books: When people are angry or stressed, huge beads of sweat shoot off their foreheads. Bad men say things like "@#$%!"; exclamation points are everywhere. Characters, with their side parts, bell-bottoms, and stilted language, have the stuck-in-time quality of Archie comics. But behind the reader-friendly style is a disturbing, hateful message: There are demons hiding everywhere. There are devil worshipers in the federal government and gay men plotting to taint the nation's blood supply with AIDS. The pope is an agent of Satan. So is your next-door neighbor.

Interestingly enough, the only place I've ever seen Chick Tracts is in public restrooms. Hrm... I wonder what the correlation is.

Oh goodie...

Sinead O'Connor to teach religion

Now if that isn't a recipe for disaster...

I like this part of the article though...

O'Connor, 36, whose hits include "Nothing Compares 2 U," said she hopes to start studying theology in September ...

What's the matter Mr. Article Writer, couldn't think of any other "hits" by Ms. O'Connor... could it be because she ain't got any?!?


But joking aside... exactly what "religion" is she going to study and then teach?

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Tough love...

Mom says: She is going to have to stay in jail and learn her lesson.

I agree.

Friday, May 02, 2003


If anyone knows any free web-hosting sites, can they let me know? Truepath shut down their free service and so now I can't get the graphics on my page to work anymore. :( Being a graduate student (i.e.: poor) precludes me from putting this into my budget at this current time. Thanks in advance.

More on the Pledge of Allegiance...

You remember Michael Newdow, the *ahem* person who said that the Pledge violated his daughters rights? Well guess what, his daughter recites the Pledge of Allegiance daily. Odd how Mr. Newdow probably rants and raves about how Christians force their views on him, yet what exactly has he subjected his daughter, and ironically enough, the rest of the United States to?

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