Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Mark 9:40 - For he that is not against us is for us.

So, why did I open with this verse? It pertains to a discussion I've had on a couple of message boards within the past week or so. The discussion revolved on whether or not Catholics should target non-Catholic Christians for evangelization purposes. Now, those who live in blogdom, and especially those who attend St. Blog's Parish, probably have heard of Christians Evangelizing Catholics, a organization based in a Baptist parish near the Kentucky/Indiana border. Then there is Proclaiming the Gospel, another site and ministry run by an ex-Catholic, specifically targetting Catholics.

Why? Because according to these two groups, Catholicism is anti-Biblical, the Whore of Babylon, and will lead many, many deluded Catholics to hell. Therefore, any and all mis-guided Catholics need their help, they need to be evangelized and brought to Christ.

Umm... whatever.

So, along comes a thread on a message board I frequent which asked if Catholics should do something similar. You know, like a Catholics Evangelizing Baptists, or something to that extent. I disagreed and had said that I hope that the Bishop in that particular (arch)diocese would discourage it. Why did I say that? Because I feel that non-Catholic Christians, while not Catholic, are still Christian and do not need to be brought to Christ. Should we not be better suited targetting our evangelism to those who have not heard of the Gospel? Heck, shouldn't we try to do a better job "in-house" and undo the years and years of poor catechesis? Would we not be better served by reaching out to those Catholics who do not practice their faith and who have otherwise left?

I think that targetting other Christians would be a Bad Thing (tm). I think it would turn off non-Catholics who are thinking about Catholicism. I cannot envision a group entitled Catholics Evangelizing Methodists making many in-roads with potential Catholic converts within the Methodist Church and I think it would be even less productive in reaching out to atheists, Buddhists and other non-Christians. I mean, what Buddhist would go to a C.E.M. meeting? Because, afterall, Buddhists aren't Methodists for crying out loud!

No... I think we're best served by not targetting our evangelization. Let them all come.

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