Sunday, August 24, 2003

Imagine this...

We wouldn't have to worry about whether or not video games tend to make children grow up with more violent tendencies, if we as parents, told children to get off their increasingly plump posteriors and go play outside. Simple enough, right?

We had ColecoVision growing up. We had the Atari adaptor for it too. I could play everything from the Smurfs, Venture to Donkey Kong. Man, I love Donkey Kong. But I remember distinctly the 30 minute a day television rule my parents had for me when I was little. I could either watch one cartoon, or play video games for 30 minutes and that was it. I was either to do my homework, or go outside and play with my friends. Whether we reinacted that days cartoon episode of G.I. Joe with our own G.I. Joe figures, biked around the block or played stickball was up to us. It was left up to our own whims and imagination. Sure, I was allowed to watch more television on the weekend, but my weekends were devoted to playing little league baseball, who had time to waste watching television?

Am I just getting to be an old geezer? Reminiscing about the "good 'ol days"?

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