Wednesday, September 10, 2003

We Were There

This is a must-read!

We Were There : Catholic Priests and How They Responded In Their Own Words

After the Mass, one of the Jesuits pointed to a sign that someone had leaned against our altar. At the time, workers were in the habit of placing large plywood boards around the site, on which were scrawled, in bright orange paint, notices for the workers: "Hot Food," said one. "Eyewas Station," said one. "Morgue," said another.

On the sign next to our altar someone had written: "Body of Christ."

Perhaps the anonymous signmaker had concluded, after hearing us distributing Communion and saying, "The Body of Christ," over and over that this is what we were giving out. And he or she was right. But for me the sign pointed to something else. To me is said, Here is the Body of Christ, broken and bloodied and awaiting resurrection. Here is the Body of Christ, the church, gathered together in worship and to work. Here is the Body of Christ, with you.

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