Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Is this what passes for education in liberal arts colleges nowadays?

REL 111 Topics in Religion: Religions of Star Trek

This course explores major themes in the study of religion using Star Trek as a primary source, along with more traditional, written texts. Selected excerpts from the original series, the Next Generation series, Deep Space Nine and Voyager will be viewed and discussed. Star Trek will be presented as a media forum for public debate on changing attitudes towards the role of religion in our culture over the past thirty years. It has presented constructions of meaning and value across cultures, highlighting themes fundamental to our understanding of religions. These themes include: the nature of the divine, the role of myth and ritual, evolution in both the spiritual and biological sense, the role of technology in our understanding of religious systems, attitudes toward "other" religions, and the transformative power of religious experience.

Meets general academic requirement R.

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