Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Movie Review : One Man's Hero

So I watched the movie this past weekend, after buying it from Wal-Mart for $5.88... quite a bargain, no? Well, at least I thought so, heck... if I had rented it, it would have cost me $4 and change, so at least by shucking out a couple more bucks, I got to keep the flick. However, if it had cost much more, I might be less lenient in this review of mine. Historically, from what I have gathered, the basis for the movie is correct, but after that it's anyone's guess. Why? Because John Reilly, after mustering out of the Mexican Army, was never heard from again. So basically when we "follow" his life throughout the movie, it is some nice guesswork, but not much else. Obviously, since it concerns the war between the United States and Mexico there is a good deal of action, but the choreography is horrendous. I think my friends and I growing up did a better job of "play fighting" than these guys did in the movie. The obligatory love story intertwined throughout the story also didn't do much for me. Poetic license? Perhaps, but the director of this story needs to have his license revoked then methinks. I truly appreciated the sentiment of the story, to point out the injustices that the United States performed against Irish Catholics at the time, and also to Mexico, but I feel as if the just plain 'ol bad acting masks that. If this movie is re-released, it won't make much and it wouldn't be out for very long. Trust me. If you don't believe me, rent or buy the movie and see for yourself.

Rating: C+

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