Saturday, February 05, 2005


I usually don't get personal in my blog. Typically, there is no reason to do so. However, I guess after almost a year away from this blog, I'm allowed to change the direction it had previously traveled and re-aim even if only for a moment.

I'm miffed. Drama. I hate it. No need for it, not really. Life can be stressful enough, as people try to make ends meat, and after a long, hard day, try to graba bit of respite. Therefore, they don't need to be slapped with a guilt trip.

You know, I considered this person a "friend". We had debated side by side over at Christian Forums a number of times, in an old forum called "Interdenominational Debate & Discussion" which was more debate than discussion. About 90/10 split between the two actually. At any rate, he was Orthodox, I'm Catholic. After "IDD" was closed, he started spending more time at an Orthodox board and we lost contact. Eventually, I had inquired into how he was doing, only to learn that he was considering becoming Catholic.


I knew, as orthodox as this person was, his entrance into the Catholic Church would result in an enrichment of not only him, but the people he would interact with. He was an excellent apologist, and a great person.

I suppose it's bound to happen from time to time, but this person had a hang up on some Catholic teaching. Mainly ecumenism. Unfortunately, like Archbishop Sheen said, what he was railing against wasn't really what the Catholic Church was teaching. I tried to point this out, only to be ignored.

I guess it's my fault in asking him if he wanted his cake and the right to eat it, but he took my post as his "coming out party" to claim that he was reverting to the Orthodox Church. Along with quoting my comments, and his "re-conversion to Orthodoxy story" in the Orthodox forum.

Well brother, I hope it makes you happy, but it was a pretty cheap shot. If you want to go, you go, no one can stop you... but don't use someone else as a scapegoat. It's low.

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