Saturday, March 26, 2005

Joyce Kilmer - Catholic Poet

Today I stumbled upon the beauty that is a poem by Joyce Kilmer. Actually, I came across several of them, and my heart rejoices in this new Catholic treasure that I have found.

The Thorn by Joyce Kilmer

(For the Rev. Charles L. O'Donnell, C. S. C.)

The garden of God is a radiant place,
And every flower has a holy face:
Our Lady like a lily bends above the cloudy sod,
But Saint Michael is the thorn on the rosebush of God.

David is the song upon God's lips,
And Our Lady is the goblet that He sips:
And Gabriel's the breath of His command,
But Saint Michael is the sword in God's right hand.

The Ivory Tower is fair to see,
And may her walls encompass me!
But when the Devil comes with the thunder of his might,
Saint Michael, show me how to fight!

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